Vision & Aims

Vision & Aims

Our Vision: “An education that transforms lives as well as minds.”

Wolverhampton Grammar School is an extraordinary school. You just have to step through the doors to feel a tangible warmth – a warmth created by people who embody community.

Our Vision

“An education that transforms lives as well as minds.”

We provide an education as individual as your child, within an environment and community like no other. As one of the oldest schools in the country, we’ve been doing just that for over 500 years.

We will give your child the best opportunity to leave our school with excellent exam results. But, what we offer, is much more.

Our highly skilled staff help us fulfil this mission and our students go on to achieve great things. We work with students to ensure their curriculum is right for them. We can do this because of our expert staff, small class sizes, flexibility within our academic structures and because we are leaders in the use of technology – both as a teaching aid and as a way of supporting the students in our care.

Mission and Aims

Education as individual as your child

Inspiring academic achievement through excellent teaching and a curriculum that is flexible and tailored to securing the best outcomes for every student. 

A sense of social responsibility

We want every student to believe they can make a difference in contributing to society and the world beyond school.

A dynamic and supportive community

Within our warm and inclusive school we seek to grow confidence and equip students with life skills through our excellent pastoral care and wide-reaching choice of extra-curricular opportunities.

Our Strategic Plan 2023-2024

To deliver our vision and fulfil our purpose, Wolverhampton Grammar School has identified three core strategic aims:

  1. To improve and grow our School
  2. To look after and develop our people
  3. To have a positive impact on our surroundings

The School’s strategic aims echo our vision for an education that transforms lives as well as minds. Our outstanding and dedicated staff continue to bring out the best in each student encouraging them to want to make a difference and play an active part in society.

Proud to be one of the oldest schools in the country but forward-looking in our approach.