Senior School

72% Grade 9,8 & 7 awards at GCSE and A* - B grades at A Level this year

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The Sunday Times Schools Guide 2024 - Top 10 Independent School For Academic Performance In The West Midlands


Wolverhampton Grammar School welcomes students ages 11-18 to its Senior School. Year 7 is made up of roughly a 50/50 split of students moving up from Wolverhampton Grammar Junior School and students that join us from other schools, both state and independent.

All students joining at age 11 years benefit from a full induction programme with multiple opportunities to visit the School ahead of joining. Students will enjoy a taste of lessons, get to meet their tutors and receive a personal visit from the Head of Year 7 to their current school.

Although our main intake is at Year 7, students often join us in the upper year groups. Upon joining WGS, students are immediately taken under the wings of our Senior House system which is an extension of our pastoral care. Students join one of four Houses and this provides continuity throughout their WGS journey. 

Post-16, students can progress to our Sixth Form where they enjoy greater independence, even smaller class sizes and can choose from a wide range of over 20 subjects, all taught by specialists in their field.

Our students secure places at the most prestigious universities including Oxford and Cambridge

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Pastoral Care

Your child will never feel alone at our School and will receive the very best pastoral care – we know that happy children do well, thrive and leave us with excellent results and the confidence to embrace whatever opportunities come their way.

Senior students have a dedicated tutor who they see twice a day – their primary responsibility is to care for their tutees; to provide support and guidance and build positive, strong relationships within the tutor group.

Our Senior House system is at the centre of school life and further enhances the School’s outstanding pastoral care, enabling students to build relationships across year-groups. The vertical House system spans Years 8 to Upper Sixth and by doing so, encourages reciprocal opportunities for leadership, mentoring advice and support between students of different ages.

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“Our first priority is the happiness of your child. We make sure every child gets the care and individual attention that they need.”

Claudine Jones, Assistant Head Pastoral Care

Dedicated 1:1 Careers Support


Providing an exciting and fulfilling life outside of the classroom is key to a child’s physical, mental and social wellbeing, and at Wolverhampton Grammar School we are proud to offer the largest range of extra and co-curricular activities of any independent school in the area.

With over 100 Extra and Co-curricular activities, societies, clubs, academic workshops, trips and international expeditions and sport tours, there really is something to suit all abilities and interests.

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Wolverhampton Grammar School is well known for its reputation for academic excellence.

We pride ourselves on our expert teaching staff. You can expect a typical lesson to be enthusiastic and challenging, allowing your child’s mind to open up and find a new love for learning. As students progress through the School, there are increasing opportunities for them to follow their own interests and expand their knowledge into further subjects such as Psychology, Theatre Studies and Economics.

Each student timetable is suited to them, with GCSE options taken strongly into consideration in Years 10 and 11, ensuring that each student can happily study their preferred subjects. At A Level our students are not constrained to picking from ‘subject blocks’ and therefore they can study a diverse combination which might for example see languages taken with sciences or design and technology with maths.

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Leaders in the use of technology

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The Jenyns Library is one of the busiest places in school, encouraging a love of reading for all ages. We share regularly share our resources with the local schools.

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