Junior Houses

Junior Houses

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The Junior School House System has been in place since WGJS opened in 2011. The Houses; Attwood, Barnes, Campbell and Derry are all named after former heads of Wolverhampton Grammar School.

Children in Years 1 to 6 are all allocated a House when they join WGJS and they remain in this House for the rest of their time in the Junior School. The House Sorting Ceremony at the end of Reception is always an exciting time for the children as they find out which House they will be joining as they move up from Early Years.

Year 6 are encouraged to nominate themselves as House Captains and there are opportunities to apply both at the start of the academic year and at the beginning of the Spring term. The House Captains are elected by their peers after presenting a pitch during a House meeting.

As well as the children, all teachers and teaching assistants are members of a House and this encourages some friendly rivalry! The Junior School House System creates bonds between children across the school, it goes hand-in-hand with pastoral care and allows children to explore and showcase their talents. Throughout the year, the children compete in several music and sporting events, alongside alternative events such as House Bake Off and House Lego to earn points for their House.

Students earn House Points for their day-to-day achievements, such as a Head’s Commendation, Commendations, Good Conduct Awards and 3 C’s certificates (for care, courtesy and consideration). At the end of each academic year, the House Points are totalled, and the winning House is crowned!

Attwood House, Wolverhampton Grammar School


Barnes House, Wolverhampton Grammar School


Campbell House, Wolverhampton Grammar School


Derry House, Wolverhampton Grammar School

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