Student wins second national poetry competition

Jasmin’s poem shall be published in the 2023 Wild Words Anthology.

Sixth Form student wins second national poetry competition

Congratulations to Upper Sixth student Jasmin, who been chosen as a winner of the Wild Words national eco-poetry competition! 

Jasmin's poem, titled First Time, will be published in the Wild Words Anthology, a collection of eco-poetry by young people aged 18 and under.

The national competition encouraged young writers to connect with nature through the use of a 'co-writer'. Jasmin chose space as the co-writer for her winning poem.

Wild Words is a charity that uses the power of words to connect young people with nature. The Wild Words national eco-poetry competition is one of many initiatives that the charity runs to encourage young people to explore and celebrate the natural world. 

Jasmin's win comes just a few months after she was named a runner-up in the Under 18 category of the 2023 Chiltern Arts Poetry Competition.

“I was delighted to win my second poetry competition! English Literature has always been one of my favourite subjects, and I am really enjoying writing my own poems. I'm grateful for the inspiration and guidance I've received from my teachers, and I'm excited to continue exploring the world of poetry and sharing my work with others.”

Jasmin, Upper Sixth

Jasmin has undoubtedly proven to be a rising star in the poetry world, and we can't wait to see what she does next. 


First Time

The first day I mourned your loss
the sun cried with me. Each cloud
wept your disappearance only to find some
remnants of you in everything they saw. The days
grew longer and the nights too, and I couldn’t
bear the thought of not seeing you when the stars
screamed your name.

Only time can tell which one of us will be
gone before the day has ended, but my soul has
become yours. The Earth looks like it’s crying
and the soil held the secrets of our love that were
lost in history

 and one day
when all the world is turned to dust
and all semblance of truth is wiped from the Earth
the only thing, the only shred of truth that will remain
is what the moon has kept of you. My love,
we are mosaics of what the other left behind.


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