Autumn 1 Author Events

“Today is an occasion that will have inspired so many children to read for pleasure, and we hope that everyone in attendance takes away a little magic and lots of memories.

zoe rowley, wgs head librarian

Autumn 1 Author Events

The first half of the Autumn term we have been lucky to witness a number of acclaimed authors step onto the Big School stage, including David Farr, Sathnam Sanghera (OW 1995), BREIS, and the Right Honourable Stuart Lawrence. Read below for a summary of these events by WGS Head Librarian, Zoe Rowley.

David Farr Returns to WGS

David Farr, author of the fantastic The Book of Stolen Dreams, returned to WGS on Monday, 25th September to launch its sequel, The Secret of the Blood-Red Key. Students in Years 5 and 7 were joined by St Peter's, Beacon Hill Academy and Pool Hayes Academy in meeting David.

David read from both of his books, gave some excellent creative writing advice and challenged his audience to come up with an original sentence starter. At the end of his event, David signed copies of both of his books for students.

Sathnam Sanghera Gives a History Lesson

Sathnam Sanghera, Old Wulfrunian and former Head Boy in the 1990s, returned to WGS on Friday, 6th October to talk to Year 8 students about his latest book, Stolen History. An acclaimed journalist and broadcaster, Sathnam's first foray into children's books offers a fresh look at the past.

Stolen History answers all the important questions about Britain's imperial history. It explores how Britain's empire once made it the most powerful nation on earth, and how it still affects our lives in many ways today - from the words we use, to the food we eat, the sports we play and even to every grown-up's fixation with a good cup of tea.

Sathnam's interactive event was both informative and humorous, and all students in attendance, including those from Highfields, Pool Hayes Academy and St Peter's, left curious to learn more about Britain's imperial past.

National Poetry Day with BREIS

We were privileged to welcome back hip hop educator and poet BREIS to join us in celebrating National Poetry Day 2023. 

Breis led some exciting hip hop and poetry workshops for students in Years 4 and 8, and was then joined by Mr Payne in judging our Poetry Live Final. This saw students in Years 6 - 13 from schools across Wolverhampton produce original poems on the theme of 'Uniquely Me'. Twenty students from WGS and Codsall High School were chosen to perform their poems in Big School to friends and family.

Many congratulations go to Ollie (Y6), Noah (Y7) and Ammar (Y9) for their winning poems.

Stuart Lawrence Recognises Black History Month at WGS

The Right Honorable Stuart Lawrence, author, consultant and motivational speaker, visited WGS during Black History Month on Wednesday, 18th October, to talk to students in Years 6-10 from WGS and a dozen local state schools about being the best possible version of yourself.

Whilst touching on the tragic murder of his brother, Stephen, in 1993, Stuart's talks empowered his audience to go out and change the world by becoming better people one day at a time.

Stuart talked about his two books, Growing Up Black in Britain and Find Your Voice and Be Your Best Self: Silence is not an Option, both of which contain many inspirational life lessons for our students.

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“If I can help [the students] navigate this difficult world and try not to listen too much to the noise outside, then they can really start from a good platform.

If we can listen, then we can develop a greater sense of empathy – discover what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes and alter our own mindsets to become better people.”

Stuart Lawrence

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