Welcome Back Class of 1997!

We were thrilled to welcome back the Class of 1997 for a 25-year reunion last weekend; for some their first visit since leaving a quarter of a century ago. Many remarked that the only time they had ever walked up the front steps to Big School, was when they were either late or in trouble – neither of which applied for this event!

A great afternoon was had by all, full of laughter, catching up with old friends, reminiscing with former teachers and seeing how School had changed. Over 40 OWs and former staff happily meandered down memory lane, visiting old form rooms and favourite classrooms, stirring memories of good times shared; the buzz of excited conversation was apparent at each point on the tour.

OWs from as far afield as South Africa joined in, albeit via Zoom; the laptop saw many a friendly face, with everyone keen to have the chance to say hello.

A late lunch in Big School and an address from their headmaster Dr Bernard Trafford concluded the event although the fun continued for many at a local hostelry!

Little did we know that an email from OW Chris Checketts back in September 2021 would result in such a happy event. A huge thank you to Chris for his enthusiasm and tenacity in making this reunion happen – a first of many!

Watch this space for details of reunion weekends in the future. In the meantime, if you would like to organise an event for your year group, please do get in touch, either by email: development@wgs-sch.net or by phone: +44 (0)1902 421326 and ask for Julie or Rhi in the Development Office; we’d love to hear from you.