Mallory Park race day.

Team Old Gold take Mallory Park!

Since the beginning of the academic year, ‘Team Old Gold’, made up of Lower Sixth students, Vishwas, Jak, Ahmed, and Tom have worked tirelessly to take on Green Power Trust’s challenge of designing and building an electric car to race in the IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) Formula 24+.

Greenpower Education Trust is a UK charity that aims to inspire young people globally to engage with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) through participation in motorsport.

The team demonstrated excellent dedication throughout the project; meeting once a week from September, which changed to everyday for over a month before race day, which was Wednesday 25th May at Mallory Park.

It was the first time since 2016 that a WGS team had raced in an IET Formula 24+ event, and it didn’t come without its challenges. Ahmed took the wheel and managed to complete 18 laps in the hour, despite a breakdown in the first ten minutes due to a disconnected battery, which was very quickly resolved.

We spoke to Team Director, Vishwas, and Marketing Director, Tom, who spoke very enthusiastically about their unique experience, and both expressed an interest in pursuing engineering degrees at university.

Vishwas shared with us: “The Greenpower project was highly enriching and rewarding. It not only tested our academic knowledge but also our teamwork and determination. There were many times during the project where we had shortfalls and felt there was no way forward, but we persevered, and we were able to participate in our first race. We were all very proud of our efforts on race day and we are extremely glad we took on this project.”

Mr Villafrati, who oversees the Green Power Project Club, said: “Our students benefit immeasurably; problem-solving, taking initiative and efficient teamwork are all developed.” The club shall run again in the new academic year and looks forward to welcoming back old and new faces to take on the challenge.

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2021/22 Green Power Project