Taking the stress out of A Level and GCSE results

A team of staff are on hand at Wolverhampton Grammar School to ensure your experience of collecting GCSE and A Level results is as stress-free as possible. Support also includes a range of post-examination services, including contact with examination boards on your behalf.

Students at Wolverhampton Grammar School receive a pack of information on results day with all the information you need about what happens next. A team of staff are on hand on results day and for as long as it takes to ensure you get all the support you need.

Following receipt of your results, you may feel that the marks you have received do not truly reflect your ability, or you may wish to receive copies of your exam papers in order to review where you can make improvements. If either of these situations applies to you, Wolverhampton Grammar School offers a range of services to help. Full details of all the services on offer can be found in our guide here.

Below you will find electronic copies of all of the documentation enclosed in your results pack, including further copies of the Review of Marking and Access to Script forms that you may reproduce as required:

Important Dates

  • Thursday 15th August: A Level and Cambridge Technical results issued.
  • Tuesday 20th August (12pm): Final day to submit A Level Priority Review of Marking and Priority Access to Script requests to Wolverhampton Grammar School.
  • Thursday 22nd August: GCSE/iGCSE results issued.
  • Tuesday 27th August (12pm): Final day to submit Edexcel iGCSE Priority Review requests/OCR Priority Access to Script to Wolverhampton Grammar School (open only to leavers of Wolverhampton Grammar School and those whose place in Sixth Form is dependent on a review of marking).
  • Monday 16th September (5pm): Final day to submit Clerical Re-Check, Review of Marking, Access to Script requests to Wolverhampton Grammar School.
  • Monday 18th November: Date from which exam certificates will be available for collection. NB: If you are awaiting the outcome of a Post-Results request, issue of your certificates may
    be delayed.