Active Bystander Training

Students receive Active Bystander Training

At the start of the Summer term, Year 10 students received very important virtual training from The Active Bystander Training Company to learn how to be an Active Bystander, and thus contribute as positively as possible to our school community and its shared values of kindness and mutual respect.

The session was designed to enhance relevant elements of our PSHE programme. Students learnt self-coaching techniques to help them to appropriately challenge antisocial behaviour both in person and online.

Our school continually strives to be a supportive community, free from all forms of bullying and harassment. This initiative will play an important part in our ongoing commitment to being a safe and caring environment for every individual.

Pastoral care is one of our highest priorities, with students’ development, learning and welfare being at the heart of everything we do. With a dedicated Assistant Head, Claudine Jones, who directly overseas the care and support offered to all our students, which includes a School counselling service, all students and parents can be assured that every child in our care is fully supported.