Wolverhampton Grammar School building

School closed: Friday 2nd March

Wolverhampton Grammar School will be closed today, Friday 2nd March. This is because of snow and ice, which has made many roads in outlying areas treacherous and has cut off some rural communities.  

Staff and pupils travel to School from a wide area and we already know that many are snow or ice-bound. The decision to close School for one day, whilst regrettable, is undoubtedly the safest option.
We expect to be open for business as usual on Monday. Notices will be posted on the website, Parent Portal and social media channels confirming that, over the weekend.
The OWA Annual Dinner scheduled for Saturday 3rd March is also cancelled. We will be contacting all guests with details and further updates.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Carrie Bennett by email cab@wgs-sch.net