Sarvjit Sra: Invisible Exhibition

We proudly invite you to join us for the launch of the exhibition of Wolverhampton based photographer Sarvjit Sra: Invisible at the Viner Gallery. The exhibition is open for viewing on Monday 8th November 2021, 5-7pm.

This year, students have been working alongside Midlands-based photographer, Sarvjit Sra, to practice the art of storytelling through photography. Hearing his motivation and inspirations engaged the students in developing their own imagery throughout the summer – some working towards their A Level Personal Investigation, others building their own portfolios.

By using the medium of photography and personal accounts, Sarvjit Sra seeks to highlight the South Asian community’s viewpoint on mental health. Invisible: how you see me is a photographic representation of individuals on a continual journey through the challenges of living with a mental health condition. Mental health is a taboo subject within the South Asian culture and is rarely talked about, largely making it an Invisible problem. Some of the contributing factors affecting this include a lack of awareness and education. This is part due to our parents being from the diaspora of first-generation immigrants, bringing with them the thoughts and practices of a different generation. In the U.K. we live in a society that in most cases is not affected by the same factors as those in South Asian countries. We have access to some of the best professional services and growing support groups and organisations. However, we have still been affected by the same historical attitude towards mental health within our own communities.”

Workshop sessions kindly delivered by Sarvjit Sra, as part of his Arts Council funded-project “Invisible”.  After the sessions, he commented that “It was wonderful to see the students work after the summer break. I was really impressed with not just the quality of the work but the thought that had gone into creating the images”.

Members of our School community and the public can download the Invisible Zine, to read the participants stories and see all the project images. Readers are reminded that some of content contains reference to the following conditions: Anxiety, Depression, Self Harm and Suicide and are encouraged to refer to the support pages 66-67 for help and guidance.

Invisible Invite

For further details of the artist’s work, please visit

To ensure minimum disruption to our local residents we ask that you park in the dedicated car park on the main school grounds and take the short walk to the Viner Gallery in the Arts and Drama building.