Lucy Hawking

Lucy Hawking to visit Wolverhampton Grammar School

In partnership with Authors Aloud UK, we are thrilled to announce that Lucy Hawking will be visiting our School on the afternoon of Tuesday 10th May. Lucy is a bestselling children’s author and science educator, whose father was the late theoretical physicist, Professor Stephen Hawking.

Lucy is a passionate advocate of promoting science to children of all ages, and her talk will inspire our students to think about important contemporary scientific topics, such as climate change.

Lucy will also be introducing students from Years 3 – 5 to her latest bestselling book series, Princess Olivia Investigates: The Wrong Weather. In this series, Olivia Alez is delighted about finally living a life away from the royal palace in the mountains that used to be her home, after the Kingdom of Alez decides it doesn’t want a royal family any more. But Olivia is completely unprepared for the world that awaits her. Thick, dark clouds hang low over the city, and the rivers that she so longed to see are choked with rubbish. And on top of it all, the weather just feels wrong. Olivia, horrified by what she sees, becomes determined to get to the bottom of Alez’s dangerous weather patterns. With the help of some new friends, Olivia sets out to solve the mystery and save Alez from climate destruction before it’s too late.

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