Digital Technology at Wolverhampton Grammar School

Are you joining us in September?

If your child is joining Wolverhampton Grammar School in Year 7, 8 or 9 in September 2020, please use the online form below to reserve your place on one of our iPad induction sessions in August. These sessions are designed to ensure your iPad is fully set up and ready for your child to use in School (if current Government coronavirus restrictions are still in place in August we will contact you to make alternative arrangements).

The very best schools worldwide are using digital technology to add yet more skills and learning opportunities to day to day life at school. As educators, it’s part of our responsibility to ensure our children are as prepared as they can be for the digital world ahead of them. We began this journey in 2017, and technology is now integrated seamlessly into lessons.

Please select one of the following iPad induction sessions to attend. Once selected, you will receive an email from school confirming your reserved induction session with us.

In the unlikely event that you are not able to make one of the induction sessions available, School will also be arranging sessions after School during the first week of term in September. If this is the only time available to you, please do let us know.