Are you collecting GCSE, A Level or Cambridge Technical results this year?

Are you collecting your GCSE, A Level or Cambridge Technical results from Wolverhampton Grammar School this year?

We appreciate that this has been a difficult few months for both students and parents alike. Students have worked hard and with great determination during their time at School to achieve of their best. If you are collecting your results this year, good luck!

Detailed below some helpful information about what to expect on results day:

A Level and Cambridge Technical results day: Thursday 13th August

Results (including Central Assessment Grades) were published on the Firefly Student and Parent portals from 8am on Thursday 13th August (along with all associated paperwork regarding appeals and autumn examinations). Students and parents were able to download results on the same page that you use to download School reports. Some students chose to collect their results in person from Big School.

Staff continue to be available for any further support or guidance following the publication of results. Simply contact School telephone: 01902 421326 or email if you require further support.

Useful resources for students hoping to go on to University

Further information regarding results and the next steps (including Adjustment and Clearing) can be found at

This document includes useful information regarding Clearing and Adjustment both of which can be conducted online.

Alternatively, contact School tel: 01902 421326; Mrs Clancy (email: or Mr Hughes (email: if you have any questions about your university place.

iGCSE and GCSE results day: Thursday 20th August

Results will be published on the Firefly Student and Parent portals from 8am (along with all associated paperwork regarding appeals and autumn examinations). Some students may wish to collect their results in person from Big School. However, there are certain constraints upon us, because of the situation created by COVID-19, which means that we cannot give our results to all students at the same time.

If you would like to collect results from School, please arrive at Senior School main reception at the times listed below.

  • 9-9.30am Form 11AWJ
  • 10-10.30am Form 11STL
  • 11-11.30am Form 11RWM
  • 12-12.30pm Form KLF

Making an appointment to speak to a member of School staff on the day

In order to be able to offer support and guidance to any students who require advice following the publication of results, particularly for those who would like to discuss different subject choices for Sixth Form, then we would ask students to phone School in order to make an appointment with either Mr Hughes, Mr Anderson or Mr Clancy. Please indicate the guidance required, so that we can make an appointment with the most appropriate member of the team to support you. The default setting for appointments will be telephone calls but, if you would prefer to see Mr Hughes, Mr Anderson or Mr Clancy in person, then please let Reception know when calling 01902 421326.

Appointments will be prioritised as follows:

  • 9am onwards – where students/parents have received contact from School to arrange an appointment time to meet with staff following the publication of GCSE results.
  • 11am onwards – students and parents who would like to discuss any aspect of GCSE results and/or options for Sixth Form please contact Reception to make an appointment (see above).
  • 12pm onwards – all other enquiries.

Staff will also be available on Friday 21 August for any further support or guidance following the publication of results. Mr Hughes, Mr Anderson and Mr Clancy will be available for pre-arranged appointments only on that day – appointments can be made by calling School reception.

If at any point in advance of results students wish to contact School, this can be done via email to (Mr Clancy).

Some FAQs about results

How have grades been decided this year?

Following the Government’s decision to cancel all GCSE and Sixth Form exams this year, Ofqual required all schools to submit centre assessed grades (CAGs) to exam boards that were a fair and objective judgement of the grade that they believed a student would have achieved had they completed their studies and sat the exams as planned. Schools were also asked to provide a rank order of students within each grade in a subject. This process is illustrated here.

Ofqual originally produced a final grade for each student in each subject, using a statistical model (algorithm) that placed weight on the school’s historical performance within each subject than the CAGs submitted. This resulted in many final results not reflecting the grades submitted by schools.

The Government then announced on Monday 17th August that A-level and GCSE students in England will be given grades estimated by their teachers (the CAGs), rather than by the algorithm developed by Ofqual.

What is a centre assessed grade (CAG)?

Schools have been asked to submit a centre assessment grade to exam boards that “must reflect a fair, reasonable and carefully considered judgement of the most likely grade a student would have achieved if they had sat their exams this summer and completed any non-exam assessment”.

These grades are therefore to be the most likely grade that a student would have achieved in the summer series of public examinations, i.e. teachers are seeking to emulate the grades that the examinations themselves would have generated.

What have Ofqual requested schools submit?

For every GCSE, AS and A level subject (including Cambridge Technicals and EPQ), exam boards will require each school, college or other exam centre to submit the following information:

  • A centre assessment grade for each student – the judgement submitted to the exam board by the Head of Centre about the grade that each student is most likely to have achieved if they had sat their exams. This professional judgement is derived from evidence held within the centre and which has been reviewed by subject teachers and relevant heads of department/subject leads;
  • The rank order of students within each grade – for example, for all those students with a grade of 5 in GCSE maths, or a grade B in A level biology, a rank order where 1 is the most secure/highest attaining student, and so on.

What did Wolverhampton Grammar School submit?

Wolverhampton Grammar School undertook a thorough and objective approach using internal quality assurance to generate the CAGs and rank order for every student making use of historical examination results, formal (e.g. mock examination results, coursework) and informal (e.g. homework, test results) evidence and predictive data (e.g. ALIS forecast grades based on GCSE performance). These grades were then carefully checked and scrutinised by Heads of Departments and the School’s senior management team to ensure that they were fair and objective.

If you would like a detailed breakdown of type of data supplied by Wolverhampton Grammar School for GCSE, A Level/Cambridge Technical, please contact Mrs Sohal, Examinations Officer email

When will exam certificates be issued?

If you are continuing your studies at Wolverhampton Grammar School your certificates will be issued during an assembly slot.

If you are leaving Wolverhampton Grammar School you must collect your certificates from main reception (we cannot post out certificates). They will be available from Monday 23rd November (unless you are awaiting the outcome of an Autumn resit (see below).

Please note, Wolverhampton Grammar School is only obliged to keep certificates for one year following receipt of results. If you do not collect your certificates within one year of your exam results, it is your responsibility to contact the exam boards who will charge you for a statement confirming your grades.

Can I appeal a grade decision?

Students will only be able to lodge appeals, through their school, if they believe there has been a procedural or systemic error relating to the calculated grade they have been awarded.

There is more information from the Government about Appeal arrangements here and Ofqual have also published this guide if families have any questions about the grades that are awarded.

For further details on the appeals process, please read the Information for Candidates, Results, Appeals and Certificates guidance available herePlease note, that this does not include the appeals process in relation to Mock Exam results. Ofqual have stated that the process will be published in due course – visit  for further information.

I want to re-sit an exam in the Autumn term. 

Following receipt of your results, you may feel that the marks you have received do not truly reflect your ability. You therefore have the opportunity to re sit your Summer 2020 exams in the Autumn Term should you wish to improve your grade:

  • GCE exams will take place between 5th and 23rd October 2020
  • GCSE exams will be between 2nd and 23rd November 2020
  • Cambridge Technicals – Autumn exams are not available

Please download and read through this information carefully before submitting your intention to resit an exam. If you want to go ahead, please complete this form and return it to Mrs Sohal at Wolverhampton Grammar School by the following deadlines:

  • Thursday 20th August for A Level subjects
  • Thursday 27th August for all iGCSE/GCSE subjects

I am a current student at Wolverhampton Grammar School and I can’t come to School to collect results.

Results will be published on the Firefly Student and Parent portals from 8am (along with all associated paperwork regarding appeals and autumn examinations). If you think you have difficulty accessing the Portal, please contact Carrie Bennett at Wolverhampton Grammar School email

I’m not a current student of Wolverhampton Grammar School and would like to join Sixth Form.

If you do not already attend Wolverhampton Grammar School and would like to join our Sixth Form in September, please contact our Admissions Registrar, Jane Morris tel: 01902 421326 or apply online now.

Any further questions?

Please contact Wolverhampton Grammar School tel: 01902 421326 or email if you have any further questions ahead of results day.