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Without the great generosity that our alumni, parents and friends bestow upon the School, children from the most deprived of backgrounds would not have access to the life-changing education that they receive at Wolverhampton Grammar School.

Thank you if you are considering making a donation, gift or legacy to Wolverhampton Grammar School. Your support will make a difference and all donations are used to ensure the continued improvement and accessibility of our education. The School has a specific fund, the Wolverhampton Grammar School Independence Appeals Fund, which is designated for the provision of bursaries though donations may also be made for specific projects or general educational purposes directly to the School.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact the Development Office either by email: or by telephone: 01902 421326

  • Our impact
    720+ students

    Providing education to over 720 boys and girls from the ages of 7 to 18 across Junior, Senior and Sixth Form.

    120 Year 5 children from across Wolverhampton come into school every year for our annual secondary discovery day to experience what life in secondary school is all about.

    Our teachers share their knowledge and expertise with other schools and we share teacher training practice with a range of state schools.

    Our ambition is to raise an additional £1million per year to fund more free school places to educate bright and gifted children from Wolverhampton

    We work in partnership with St Paul School, Macau and Lords Mead Vocational College, Uganda to provide life changing opportunities for children in China and Africa.

    We work with local churches and interfaith groups to ensure our students have the opportunity to learn from local spiritual leaders.

    On average, Wolverhampton Grammar School funds £770,000 to educate 80 children in need of financial support at our school.

There are a number of ways you can offer your support:

UK Online Donations or Cheque Payments

You can use Personal Online Banking to make a transfer to the School or to set up a Standing Order. Alternatively, cheques may be made payable to Wolverhampton Grammar School Ltd or Wolverhampton Grammar School Independence Appeals Fund. Please contact the Development Office for further details.

Worldwide Giving

Gifts from overseas can be made by electronic transfer and in some countries it is possible to make a donation to the School in a tax-effective way. To find out more about making electronic transfers or making a tax-effective donation, please contact the Development Office. If you are based in the US, you can make a donation via Old Wulfrunians in the USA using the secure Chapel & York website. For more information about US giving please go to OWs in the USA.

Gift Aid

Please remember to Gift Aid your gift to Wolverhampton Grammar School if you are a UK taxpayer and satisfy the required criteria. Please print the Gift Aid Declaration and return it to the School. For all donations to either the Bursary Fund or Emergency Appeal Fund, please tick the Wolverhampton Grammar School Independence Appeals Fund (IAF) box; for all other donations please tick Wolverhampton Grammar School.  If you pay tax at a higher rate and Gift Aid your gift to Wolverhampton Grammar School, you can claim tax relief in your Self Assessment tax return.

Payroll giving

Under the Payroll Giving Scheme, employees can authorise their employer to deduct charitable donations from their pay before calculating Pay As You Earn tax. This means that the employee automatically gets tax relief on donations at his or her top rate of tax. There is no limit on the amount that can be given under the scheme. To find out more about Payroll Giving and if your company operates the scheme, please contact your Human Resources or Personnel department.

Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a legacy to Wolverhampton Grammar School is one of the most powerful ways in which you can help future generations. Money left to a charity like Wolverhampton Grammar School (Registered Charity Number: 1125268) or to Wolverhampton Grammar School Independence Appeals Fund (Registered Charity Number: 507487) is also exempt from inheritance tax and may help reduce the overall amount tax that must be paid on your estate.

Changes made to the UK Inheritance Tax law 2012 could benefit your primary beneficiaries: by leaving 10% or more of your estate to charity, the inheritance tax payable on your net estate reduces from 40% to 36%.

For further information about including Wolverhampton Grammar School in your will, please contact the Development Office.

Need further details?

Please do not hesitate to contact the Development Office, either by email: or by telephone: 01902 421326, for further information about any of the above or to discuss how you would like to support Wolverhampton Grammar School.