Assessment and Entrance Test

We appreciate that applying for a place at an independent school for the first time can feel a little daunting. The information available here should provide you with everything that you need to know and please be assured that you are welcome to contact our Admissions Registrar at any time to talk through the process step by step.

  • Junior School assessment

    Children are welcome to join us for Assessment dates throughout the year. However, to ensure we can guarantee your child a place in our Junior School for the forthcoming school year we would recommend that you contact us as soon as possible to register your child to sit an assessment.

    Our assessment is designed to ensure that your child will be able to access the Junior School curriculum, to provide information for parents on strengths and weaknesses of their child and to provide a clear starting point for teachers at the beginning of the year. The tests also help indicate where additional support may be required and the information we gain from the assessments form the basis of our decision whether to offer a place. We also take into account the child’s most recent school report.

    No specific preparation for the assessment is needed: all candidates start on an equal footing, with identical opportunities to display their aptitude.

    Children seeking places in Reception are required to complete a face-to-face, picture-based assessment, measuring literacy, language and mathematics. A separate assessment of their (expected age-related) progress in communication & language, physical development, and personal, social & emotional development is made via a short play-based activity.

    Children seeking places in Years 1 and 2 are required to sit a written assessment in English and maths. Children seeking placed in Years 3 to 6 are required to sit a digital assessment in English and maths, accompanied by a short creative writing task

    Whilst many of our children are very strong across a range of subjects, we are able to offer a place for children of average ability. We appreciate that some children may not feel as confident in a particular subject and a child may well be offered a place should we feel that they have the potential and desire to improve. A number of our children receive support in key areas of the curriculum and we have an effective support system in place.

    Once the tests are conducted, the Head will contact parents to discuss results, and in all but a few exceptions, to offer a place (which will also be confirmed in writing).

    Should your child’s scores be borderline for entry, we may request that the child joins us for an additional day to see how he/she copes in the classroom. Our experienced teachers are able to provide useful information to, hopefully, allow us to confirm a place.

  • Senior School entrance test

    Our process of selection and admissions for our Senior School is designed to confirm that applicants have the potential to cope with a curricular that is designed to stretch academic potential. The whole process aims to put children at their ease and to assess both what they can do and what they might do given the academic and extra-curricular opportunities that Wolverhampton Grammar School can offer them.

    The School strives to set and maintain a constant academic standard of entry (via an entrance test). There is no quota system, nor any minimum or maximum number of places to be offered, though late applicants may not be able to be considered if the available places are already full. We always ask your current school for a most recent school report.

    Entry at Year 7 and above is via the entrance test. The entrance test includes short papers in:

    • English,
    • Mathematics and
    • Verbal Reasoning.

    Students are welcome to join us for an entrance test throughout the year (at a time and date to suit you). However, to ensure we can guarantee your child a place in our Senior School for the forthcoming school year or to consider your application for a Scholarship or financial assistance (Bursary) we would recommend that you contact us as soon as possible and/or register your child to sit our main entrance test date in January. Our Senior School entrance test, for those wishing to join our School from September 2023, will take place in January 2023.

    If your child would like to join our School from September 2022, please complete our online registration form here and a member of the Admissions team will be in touch to arrange an entrance test.

    Students who are successful in the entrance test will be offered a place. If your child has been awarded a Scholarship or bursary support you will be notified at the same time.

  • Sixth Form entry

    Our Sixth Form is renowned for its high quality teaching, small class sizes and the opportunity for your child’s timetable to be built around their subject choices. Our expert staff, including a dedicated Head of Higher Education & Careers, guide each student through their most challenging of all the years in secondary education.

    To secure a place in Sixth Form a student should expect to meet the following minimum entry requirements:

    • An average GCSE score of 5.5 across a minimum of 7 subjects.
    • A minimum of 6 in the subjects (or associated subjects) chosen to be studied at Sixth Form
    • A minimum of a 7 in Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Maths if chosen to be studied at Sixth Form (except Further Maths which requires an 8 in Maths)
    • A minimum of a 4 in Maths and English Language where these subjects have not been chosen for study at Sixth Form
    • Students who wish to consider undertaking 4 subjects must have an average GCSE score of at least 8.

    You will also need to provide additional information when completing your registration form to support your application, outlining:

    • Why you want to study at Wolverhampton Grammar School Sixth Form.
    • Which subjects you wish to choose and why.
    • What extra-curricular interests you have.
    • What you might hope to do in the future.
    • You should also include your last two School reports.

    All candidates will also be interviewed by a member of the Sixth Form tutor team and we will request a reference from your current school. Your interview with our Sixth Form tutor team will also be an opportunity for you to demonstrate your commitment to learning and making the most of what school life has to offer.

    Students who meet our entry requirements and the standards expected by our interview process will be offered a place. If you are awarded a Scholarship you will be notified at the same time.

Want to have a go at our entrance test?

You can download a selection of sample test questions for Year 7 entry together with relevant answers if required.