School Partnerships

Wolverhampton Grammar School’s impact is local, national and international.

  • We support local and regional state schools in a number of ways:

    Our “Books Change Lives” workshops provide children from local state primary schools who are reluctant to read the opportunity and confidence to regain a love of reading and boost literacy levels.

    Around 125 Year 5 children from across the region come into School every year for our annual Secondary School Discovery Day to help them adjust to the next stage of their education.

    We have introduced over 2,500 children and adults from across the West Midlands to publishers, award winning authors, poets, journalists and writers.

    Our annual Festival of Sport attracts Junior Schools to participate in a whole range of beginner sports. Annual Rugby and Cross-Country festivals also provide more experienced young sportsmen and women with a more challenging opportunity.

    Music workshops for local schools and community groups.

    Our Junior School coaches the next generation of young leaders in partnership with the Severndale Specialist Academy in Shrewsbury.

    Instrument loan to choirs and musical groups.

International School Partnerships

  • Lords Meade Vocational College, Uganda

    Wolverhampton Grammar School has a long-standing partnership with Lords Meade Vocational College, a school in Uganda which provides free education to disadvantaged children in Jinja, the country’s fourth largest city.

    Sixth Form students are offered the opportunity to visit Uganda during their time at Wolverhampton Grammar School and a number of our school leavers have chosen to spend a gap year at Lords Meade, teaching and helping with building or restoration projects. They also get involved in community work at orphanages, nurseries and medical centres.

    As Lords Meade relies entirely on voluntary donations, each year students at Wolverhampton Grammar School organise a range of activities that help to raise much needed funds for their partner school. All the money raised goes to help the essential work that goes on at Lords Meade.

    Parents and donors are able to “Sponsor a Student” at Lords Meade (around £360 per year). If you would like to learn more about this scheme contact the school at

  • St Paul School, Macau

    There is a famous Chinese proverb that says, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. That single step was an email from former student Professor Keith Morrison, Vice-rector at the University of Saint Joseph (OW 1967) contacted School during 2017 hoping to start a discussion about teaching, learning and modern education in China. 

    A delegation of staff from WGS went to Macau in 2018 and staff from China made a reciprocal visit to WGS. Students from both schools are getting very excited about the prospects for gap year placements, student and staff exchanges and much more.

    Like Wolverhampton Grammar School, St Paul’s have won many awards for their visionary approach to education. The use of digital technology is firmly embedded in their day-to-day school life, to the extent that they have been ‘paperless’ for some five years. St Paul’s want to learn much from us including how we teach creative disciplines such as Art, how everyone in our School has the responsibility for pastoral support and how teachers use different techniques in the classroom to get students to better engage in lessons. Watch out for more news about this emerging partnership.

    中國有一句名言,「千里之行,始於足下。」這一步來自本校校友Keith Morrison教授(現任澳門聖若瑟大學副校長)(OW 1967)的電子郵件,他在2017年聯絡學校,希望能夠開展有關教學、學習和中國現代教育的研討及交流

    Wolverhampton Grammar School於2018年組織了代表團前往澳門聖保祿學校參觀及交流。同年,聖保祿學校亦派出訪問團到本校參觀。兩校學生和老師為將來多項互訪交流機會感到非常興奮

    與Wolverhampton Grammar School一樣,聖保祿學校因其富前瞻性的教育方法而獲得多項獎項。電子科技輔助教學已融入他們的學校文化,“無紙化”教學已在該校實施逾五年。聖保祿學校希望從我校獲得多方面的啟發,包括我們如何教授創作性學科如藝術科,探討我校如何培養每個人對教牧關懷的責任感,以及教師在課堂上使用不同的策略來提高學生參與課堂學習。請留意有關兩校合作的消息

Do you work with a UK or International School?

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