Meet the Head

Welcome to Wolverhampton Grammar School an award winning school, rated “Excellent” by School Inspectors.

Wolverhampton Grammar School is an extraordinary school. You just have to step through our doors to feel the tangible warmth – a warmth created by people who embody community.

What makes Wolverhampton Grammar School special?

As the new Head, I have been consistently struck by the exceptional quality of the relationships at Wolverhampton Grammar School. Great education depends on those relationships. We are inspired by our community – the way we teach, speak and live. Our highly skilled staff know our students and our School community engenders openness, trust and mutual respect.

We know how to respect, when to show compassion and we believe we make a difference. We know that a challenging education requires a supportive, caring environment as well as a blend of skills and a mind-set that embraces diversity.

Our students are happy because they enjoy lessons, relish intellectual challenge and want to be part of something good. It is easy to fit in: drama, art, sport and music flourish alongside an incredible range of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities to enjoy. There is enough space and choice for each and every one of our students to find their own personal niche, growing in confidence daily. Come and visit us and you will be welcomed.

Student voice is important. Our young people are comfortable in their own skins, and able to express points of view eloquently, knowing that they will be taken seriously. If you visit us, ask about how our School works, our student parliament and the peer support group who are trained to coach young people experiencing difficulties. Ask us about our teachers, and what it is our pupils love so much about our School. You will find our students speak with integrity and inner confidence: qualities that are to be treasured.

There exists a virtuous circle when staff and students work towards the same goal: a desire to transform lives as well as minds. The impact that each and every one of us has is immeasurable and I am proud to have become part of Wolverhampton Grammar School: a community that’s like no other.

Alex Frazer

Alex Frazer



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Alex Frazer, Head of Wolverhampton Grammar School