Results day at WGS

A* & 9 Grades soar as students achieve another year of outstanding GCSE results

Pupils from the national award winning School – judged “Excellent” in all areas by school Inspectors are celebrating outstanding GCSE results this year.

Congratulations to all our Year 11 students who have performed exceptionally well. The numbers in brief:

  • Students studied towards an impressive 706 GCSE and iGCSE awards
  • 329 A*s (or equivalent+) and 189 A grades awarded
  • 73% of all grades awarded were A* or A (or equivalent)
  • 23% of all reformed GCSEs taken received the coveted 9 award
  • Over 50% of students achieved only A* or A grades (or equivalent)

Kathy Crewe-Read, Head of Wolverhampton Grammar School said “To achieve the top grade of A* takes a combination of excellent teaching, hard work and determination. Happy students do well and for so many of our students to achieve an A*, A or truly exceptional 9 is a credit to their brilliant teachers and the extraordinary pastoral support in place at School.”

Recent, exam reforms have made exams harder for those students who particularly benefit from a more coursework or modular approach to subjects – Wolverhampton Grammar School recognised this challenge and have put in place additional measures to ensure all students have the opportunity to achieve their best.

+A range of subjects are now graded using a numerical format as opposed to letters.

  • 9, 8 or 7 is now equivalent to an A* or A grade
  • 6, 5 or 4 is equivalent to a B or C grade
  • 3, 2 or 1 is equivalent to a D, E or F grade
  • U mark is judged as ungraded

However, Grade 9 is not the same as the old A* grade. It’s a new grade designed to recognise the very best performance. Nationally, it is predicted that there will be fewer grade 9s awarded than A*s in the old GCSEs – Wolverhampton Grammar School students have out-performed those predictions with an impressive 77 9 grades and 149 A* grades awarded this year.

History, Italian, Biology, Chemistry, French, Physics, Religious Studies, Art, Design & Technology and German are still graded using letters for this year.

Students from other schools receiving GCSE results this week may be interested in joining Wolverhampton Grammar School’s Sixth Form.

Wolverhampton Grammar School is one of the leading co-educational independent schools in the region and the top independent school in Wolverhampton with an extensive choice of Sixth Form subjects including A Levels and Cambridge Technical awards. Students and parents receiving GCSE results this week can contact us now on (01902) 421326 or email our Admissions Registrar, Jane Morris to learn more about joining our Sixth Form and the options available for studying at the School.