The Black Country Museum

by Aaron Jhooty

A few months ago, Year Nine went on a trip to the Black Country museum. It was an eventful day, in which we experienced the everyday life of a Victorian. We went on this trip to help us understand the Industrial Revolution and the lives of people during this period of rapid change.

Perhaps the most memorable part of the day was when we had a Victorian school lesson. The lesson couldn’t have been more different compared to what we experience at WGS. We had to use blackboards and chalk to write on and we had to memorize the twelve times table. It seems fairly easy, doesn’t it? Think again. When someone made a mistake the teacher would ridicule the person who got the question wrong; quite frankly, it was hilarious. When somebody decided to be brave and talk whilst the teacher was talking, that person would get sent to the door.

One of the most interesting parts of the trip was the ride on the canal boat. The boat represented a type of transport during the Industrial Revolution before the onset of trains. As we progressed deeper into caves, it became extremely dark and damp. It got to the point that all we could see was utter darkness.

Once the boat ride was finished, we went into a mine. The mine was cramped but nevertheless, an unforgettable experience. With this activity, we experienced the harsh lives of coal miners in the Victorian era. After all of this, we went to see how chains were made. The method was invented during the Industrial Revolution- which showed us advances in design and craftsmanship.

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