by Francis Hopson, Upper Sixth

S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) club was set up by now Upper Sixth students Tom Grainger, Tom Aston, Fran Hopson, Eleanor Wilkes, Chris Chalmers and Will Core. The club is open for year 7 and 8 once a week in DT, and aims to get more students enthused about and involved in STEM based subjects.



With support from our teachers, during the course of the year we researched different projects and challenges to set the students each week. This involved us looking at the engineering theory behind each project, such as aerodynamics for both car and rocket building challenges, and enabled us to provide help and guidance to the lower school students on how to best approach the challenge. This allowed us as sixth form students, to further our knowledge of subject matters in which we already have an interest and develop experience in others.

We found that during the course of the year, the challenges we set the students encouraged independent learning, teamwork, logical thinking as well as developing creativity. One of our projects, which was a huge success, was the parachute challenge. This involved teams of threes designing and creating a way to protect a chocolate egg so that when it was thrown out of a window it wouldn’t smash on the ground. However each team was only given a selected amount of items to protect their egg, including items such as paper and string. Students weren’t given any limitations other than these materials which meant that we had a vast range of designs from parachutes to cushions surrounding eggs. We are pleased to report that all eggs survived the drop from first floor DT windows but were then at the mercy of the students who had so carefully protected them…!

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