Political Forum

by Jack Price-Darbyshire and Leo Jackson

Political forum provided an attempt for students in 6th form to tackle the events of the week every Thursday lunchtime. The forum was chaired brilliantly by both Josh Marchant and Jacob Stokes and will be chaired next year by their protégés, Leo Jackson and Jack Price-Darbyshire.  Marchant and Stokes kindly provided agendas for every time the forum was in session, yet due to the polarising political opinions that many in the forum held religiously it sometimes coloured discussions! Leading to the agendas being more liberally followed then initially intended, however all views have and will be continued to be respected, argued (sometimes disproven!?) politely; since all are welcome and wanted. No one, needs to be a keen politician to come and participate and we were overjoyed at the numbers that turned out for the WGS mock election hustings, that was held in May shadowing the general election.  As this was another thing political forum was influential towards, and indeed our departing chair, Josh Marchant was praised by the Headmistress as a young ‘David Dimbleby’ due to his fair-handling of the mock election hustings.

The mock election itself was fairly contested, by candidates from the lower-sixth Government and Politics class whom represented all the major political parties. The conservative candidate Isobel Jones won decisively as was the case for the conservatives in the actual election. The other candidates were Lana Harold (Liberal Democrats), Isobel Shave (Green party), Kiyah Joshi (U.K.I.P) and yours truly Jack Price Darbyshire who stood for labour.

Good Luck to all the Upper 6th who are leaving and thanks again to Josh Marchant and Jacob Stokes for all they did for the forum. We look forward to seeing you all next year, for what we hope, will be more of the same light hearted but contested debating and discussion.

PS: requisitioned doughnuts will still be available!

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