by William Core, Upper Sixth

Greenpower is a new project introduced by DT and supported by PJ specifically aimed at the Sixth form here at school. The initiative involves the construction and modification of an electric car before racing it against other schools and colleges from across the country.

green power


We have been given few restrictions apart from the specific batteries and motors that must be used, the rest is free reign. We started this extracurricular activity early last year, and it really kicked off with a great start, having been provided with a budget to enable us to develop a working and competitive car, along with tools and accessories for paint and the like. Over the course of September 2015 we fully assembled our chassis (to a very high level if we do say so) and this should provide a competitive edge over others, not least through efficient use of material allowing weight to be saved. We are now looking at ways in which we can make and test a body which is both aerodynamic and extremely lightweight.

While Greenpower is a sixth form activity, we have modified some of the challenges we have faced in the project and incorporated them within lower school STEM club projects too. We aim to help inspire other younger students to take over this ongoing club once the current Upper Sixth Formers have left, and to keep ever improving on our original chassis and body.

We are thoroughly looking forward to attending Goodwood towards the end of June 2016, and entering our first race of many. The only real problem is what name to give the car!

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