Engineering Education Scheme Group One

by Megan Griffiths, Upper Sixth

Being a part of the DT department opened up the opportunity for the class and I to take part in the Education Scheme. It involved us with real life clients, in my case HS Marston’s Aerospace, to produce a universal jig that would be used to aid the manufacture of heat exchangers in their production lines.



The scheme took place from October to April, and provided us all with the chance to see first-hand how engineers design and develop. Some of the skills we learnt and adapted would also benefit our A2 work. The highlight of the trip was when we had a residential trip to Birmingham University Engineering department where we built our prototype jig. This took place over three days and was the ideal time to begin preparing our final presentation which we would present in front of the company and other engineers.

Overall, we learnt a lot from the scheme, for some of us it is providing us the opportunity to go down the engineering career path, but for others it made us appreciate what engineers do for us and the operations that take place in order to produce a product for the needs of our society. It was an enjoyable experience for us all and one I would recommend to anyone wishing to pursue a career in engineering.

I would like to thank HS Marston’s for their expertise and experience but I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. O’Malley and Mr. Jackson-Turnbull for establishing this excellent link.

Project:  Design of a universal, adjustable base and jig upright set up
Students:  George Bradley, William Core, Megan Griffiths, Ross Parker

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