Uganda and Godfrey’s Coffee

Wolverhampton Grammar School has a long-standing partnership with Lords Meade Vocational College, a school in Uganda which provides free education to disadvantaged children in Jinja, the country’s fourth largest city.

Sixth Form students are offered the opportunity to visit Uganda during their time at Wolverhampton Grammar School and a number of our school leavers have chosen to spend a gap year at Lords Meade, teaching and helping with building or restoration projects. They also get involved in community work at orphanages, nurseries and medical centres.


As Lords Meade relies entirely on voluntary donations, each year students at Wolverhampton Grammar School organise a range of activities that help to raise much needed funds for their partner school. All the money raised goes to help the essential work that goes on at Lords Meade.

Parents and donors are able to “Sponsor a Student” at Lords Meade (around £360 per year). If you would like to learn more about this scheme contact the school at

Godfrey’s Coffee

The annual expedition to Uganda makes the trip of a lifetime for many of our students. However, for a number of Sixth Form students and teachers, supporting the projects that they had become involved with during their three week stay became the start of an exciting business venture.

During a visit to Bwikasa, a village in eastern Uganda – a number of students discovered the excellent local coffee grown by the smallholders of the village. Some of the local raw coffee beans were brought back to Wolverhampton and “Godfrey’s Coffee” – a new coffee company was created.

Godfrey’s Coffee took its name from the village elder, and former Head Teacher of Lord’s Meade College in Jinja, Godfrey Kiganga, who looked after the groups during their stay in Bwikasa and introduced them to the local coffee.

Coffee beans are now imported from the area, processed here in the UK and sold by Godfrey’s Coffee. Coffee connoisseurs will appreciate the 100% organically grown Arabica beans, which provide a barista style coffee with the convenience of a bag. The bags are sold in packs of 5, 10 or 25 and are currently available from the school.

For more information about Godfrey’s Coffee visit or email

All profits from the company are returned to the Ugandan community.


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