Yuvraj Maseru 1986 – 1993

Yuvraj Maheru was a student at Wolverhampton Grammar School between 1986 and 1993.


After leaving School, I went on to Leeds Uni to do Mechanical Engineering.

What influenced your parents to send you to the Grammar?
My mom wanted us to get a good education and the local comp had fires twice in the 3 years before I was to start secondary school. WGS had a far better reputation.

Are you still in touch with friends from School?
I made good friends by the end and am still in touch with 10 people quite often and a few others.

How has the experience helped shape you as a person?
WGS made you work. That has helped a lot in career. It makes you far more clinical and marketable than others. Also, we had to learn how to learn. In my field of IT that has really helped. There are so many changes that those who learn the quickest have the most opportunities.

Also, a lot of people respect hard work and respect knowledge, so it has helped personally also. People have more trust in a well-considered opinion.

What have you been doing since leaving School?
I did Mechanical Engineering, but quit to start a business. Then, went back and got a degree.

After uni, I took it easy in Wolverhampton for a couple of years. Then, went to the US and studied IT while working as a Manufacturing Engineer.

I worked in IT in Silicon Valley for 6 years.

In 2006, I came back to the UK and started consulting in IT and looked at other business ventures.

What advice would you give to a parent thinking of sending their child to Wolverhampton Grammar School?
Good environment to get students to work in.

Good contacts for future- plenty of other ambitious people around.

School isn’t everything. The happiest kids are the ones who’s parents spend time with them, so spend lots of time with your kids even if they go to a good school.

What advice would you give to a current student/someone about to leave the School?
A good degree opens lots of doors, so worth working for your degree.

If you fancy a year off, it really is good to do it before uni or straight after uni. Gets difficult the longer you leave it.

Be ambitious; never lose sight of those dreams, nor lose hope in them.

Far more boringly. Stash some cash in your pension early. Putting in from ages 20-28 and never again will leave you with as big a pension as if you start at 30 and put in till retirement. That will help free your mind for the next 4 decades. Bliss.

Socialise as much as you want, and try to kep in touch with all your friends. They really open doors in life, too.

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