John Worthington 1965 – 1971

John Worthington was a student at Wolverhampton Grammar School between 1965 and 1971.


After leaving School, I followed my father into Local Government and went on to become Building Services Manager at Wolverhampton Civic Centre before retiring in 2006 after 35 years service.

I was lucky enough to pass the Eleven Plus and I along with three other students from Bingley Junior arrived for our first day in September 1965. There were probably two Grammar school opportunities in those days at both here and the Municipal Grammar School but as I was a sporty type the Grammar School offered the best facilities.

The school had a very strict discipline code which certainly included what you were allowed to wear, the length of your hair and the absence of any facial hair. I clearly remember having to wear short trousers for 2 years. We had Wednesday afternoons off and came to school on Saturday mornings. All the teaching staff wore black gowns and not just on special occasions.

I still keep in touch with a few of my contemporaries and it is strange to think it is 50 years since I first set foot in the school. I believe a grammar school education allied to a good family upbringing taught me good habits and to be respectful to people in life. Civility costs nothing.

I had a career opportunity to follow my father into Local Government and there I remained until retirement resulting in many varied experiences including meeting The Queen, Princess Diana, Margaret Thatcher and James Callaghan to name but several.

The School offers wonderful opportunities, in both academia and sport and there is an obvious one goal feeling to ensure students achieve the maximum from their time spent here.

The School gives you a wonderful start in life and whatever you go on to achieve, a little part of you will look back and be thankful for your time here.

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