Ed Holden 2007-2012

Edward Holden was a student at Wolverhampton Grammar School between 2007 and 2012.


After leaving School, Edward went on to the University of Birmingham.

There had always been a great deal of history between my family and the Grammar, by the time I was applying my sister Florence had already been there for four years and was immeasurably happy, so the choice seemed obvious. Through my father’s history as a teacher we knew the teaching standard was good and that the education system was not so strict as to prevent creativity from flourishing. Going to the Grammar was an easy choice.

I came from a smaller school, so Wolverhampton Grammar School seemed so large by comparison, however within a month I knew the entire year by name. The friendships I formed at the grammar have lasted the test of university; I ended up living with one of my classmates from school and regularly visit different corners of the country to see other old school friends. The most important concept I gained from the grammar was the concept of balance; that the key to success is to keep busy and active, no amount of hard work will breed as much success as hobbies which stimulate creativity. Some of my fondest memories of school are those of singing in the choir and playing for the 1st XV

After leaving Wolverhampton Grammar School I went on to study Physics at the University of Birmingham, after completing my bachelors degree I have now gone on to study the PTNR at the University of Birmingham.

Every year The Times releases a list of universities with various rankings for research prospects and other statistics collated from students who are graduating, the most important of these statistics in my opinion is the “student satisfaction” index, no such data exists for secondary schools, but if it did, I have no doubt Wolverhampton Grammar School would excel in student satisfaction. My experience of this institution is one of exceedingly high standards delivered in a way that made the learning experience thoroughly enjoyable. Have a good look at other options available, I’d back Wolverhampton Grammar School for teaching quality and student satisfaction against the best institutes in the country.

To those currently at the school and those leaving, treasure every moment. Throughout school you’ll be told that this will be some of the best years of your life, and I promise you it is. University is tough, and offers a completely different set of experiences, whilst you’re lucky enough to be at a school such as yours take advantage of every opportunity and savour every moment.

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