David Berriman 1948 – 1952

David was a student at Wolverhampton Grammar School between 1948 and 1952.


David was recently interviewed, along with his son Nick and granddaughter Maisie (who attends Wolverhampton Grammar Junior School), for a feature in the latest Wulfrunian magazine.

If you had to compare your time here at WGS what do you think the differences between the generations would be?
In my time the school was very much more formal with narrower horizons. This was the time of Warren Derry as Headmaster when anything other than Classics was below the pale. The facilities are now very much better in almost all respects and probably the most visible change is that there are now girls!

In your opinion what impact has technology had on each generation?
We had very little in the way of technology. Computers, calculators, mobile phones and the internet were still to come so the present generation has an almost infinite amount of knowledge at the press of a button which we did not have so easily. Much of that knowledge was available to us but only through books and encyclopaedias. One could perhaps argue that information available too easily is not a good thing but I would have found it of enormous assistance!

If there was one thing you could change about your time in school, what would it be?
I think I would have tried harder to take advantage of the opportunities available.

What are your most memorable moments of your time at WGS?
Warren Derry sleeping through a Rev Frank Rust orchestral concert in Big School or being selected for the under 11 cricket team once when the match was rained off and I was never selected again!

Who was your favourite teacher?
Tony Stocks. Our 3 Alpha was his first as Form master and he subsequently went to the Collegiate School of Liverpool before returning to WGS as Headmaster.

What in your opinion makes WGS so successful?
Its ability to move and change with the times and never to rest on its laurels.

With your granddaughter/daughter now in the Junior School, how do you see yourself engaging with WGS in the future?
Supporting activities, attending concerts and events. I was fortunate to serve as a Governor for many years so have been able to keep in touch with the school.

What life/career advice will you be giving your daughter/granddaughter?
To make the most of the opportunities she has in her very fine school, to work to the maximum of her potential and so build a sound foundation for her future.

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