Aran and Karan Batth OW 2012

Aran and Karan Batth, known throughout the Wolverhampton Grammar School community as ‘The Twins’ in their time, attended the school from 2007-2012.


Aran is currently reading Neuroscience at King’s College, London, and Karan, after spending half a year in Italy on his Gap Year, is now reading Biomedical Sciences at Queen Mary, University of London. It is their hope that these first degrees will form the base of their respective medical careers. They are now involved in the running of their nationwide online Estate Agency ‘nu:move’.

Why did you want to attend our School?
As it’s been put before to us, there is nothing ‘quite like the Grammar’ – be it the communion of intellect, the depth of the institution’s history or the students’ leading forthright nature, something allows WGS to transcend what other independent schools offer. In fact, we rejected the prospect of art scholarships to another independent school just to attend WGS.

How has the experience helped shape you as people?
Even thinking of school gave us motivation to get going, most of our lunchtimes were busy – frequently we had two commitments per lunch and would have to eat during rehearsals! At WGS, it doesn’t take long before a student is asked to join in on the wonderful goings-on, we dabbled in Art, Music, Drama, Student Parliament, Peer Support, Greek, Language Tutoring and Leadership Roles to name some – the fact is the environment compels you to be busy. The motivation and drive that we’re most thankful to the school for instilling in us, we owe a great deal of our successes to these values.

What have you been doing since leaving us?
Our friends and teachers will be glad to know we’re still very much a double act, living together in our London flat. We’re both thoroughly enjoying our courses and staying involved in university life – echoing our school commitment.

The exciting news is that we have now launched a nationwide estate agency with unbeatable selling fees, named nu:move. A family effort, we realised there is no need for a conventional High Street Estate Agents as over 90% of properties are sold online via property portals such as Rightmove or Zoopla. So for the lowest agency fees on offer, allow us to advertise your property in the same way a traditional estate agent will –it’s so simple. Visit and like us on Facebook!

What advice would you give to a parent thinking of sending their child to Wolverhampton Grammar School?
Our advice for prospective students, and parents, would be to come visit and get a realisation of what being at WGS is like. WGS has a beautifully crafted ethos and will produce success story after success story; trust in their method.

We are happy to be contacted regarding nu:move at, remember to quote ‘WGS’ so we know you’re a VIP!

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