Typical Day


Wolverhampton Grammar Junior School is a busy place with lots of activities, trips and events taking place. Every child is treated as an individual and so there is no “typical” day. However, the following provides an indication of the types of activities that take place:







Early morning club

Registration followed by assembly

Morning Lessons (with break at 11am)

Lunch – Sample Menus

Registration (followed by quiet reading)

Afternoon Lessons: Years 3-5 have one games session a week. Year 6 have an additional games lesson on Friday afternoons alongside pupils in Year 7. Practical subjects and the Skills and Academic Enrichment lessons are also timetabled in the afternoon to make each afternoon an active programme of learning


End of the school day for Years 3 and 4. Break for those staying for after school clubs and homework sessions 


End of the school day for Years 5 and 6. Break for those staying for after school clubs and homework sessions  


Homework and after school clubs begin. A full programme of after school clubs are available. Children in Years 5 and 6 may choose to join some of the activities provided by the senior school


Late Club. Children who are yet to be collected by parents join the Late Club for relaxation and downtime. Outside activities take place in the summer months


Late club finishes. Pre-approved additional supervision at a fixed fee starts


Pre-approved additional supervision finishes


Homework club: Most clubs run between 4:00pm and 5:00pm. Children may also elect to stay for supervised homework club. If a child has not been picked up by 4pm they will automatically be taken to Homework Club and at 5pm children who are yet to be picked up will be transferred to Late Club.

Late Club: Between 5:00pm and 5:30pm, children returning from after school activities and those finishing homework will be transferred to Late Club. Late Club allows children to rest and enjoy some ‘downtime’ before being picked up by parents. We request that parents try pick up their children no later than 5.30pm, but a member of staff will always remain with a child until parents arrive. There will be further additional care until 6:00pm for a fixed cost per fifteen minutes from September 2016.

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