Transition to Senior School


Recognising that children coming towards the end of their junior education often feel like they are facing a daunting journey ahead is one of the reasons why our Junior School is so special.

Children in Year 6 receive the perfect preparation for life at senior school. We ensure all our children are ready and excited about the next stage in their education, without the demands of SATs or other final year examinations.

Children at Wolverhampton Grammar Junior School enjoy automatic entry to the prestigious Wolverhampton Grammar Senior School and the vast majority of children and families choose our school to ensure that smooth transition is in place. Our Year 6 children are fully prepared for everything that Year 7 has to offer without being distracted by the need to sit our Year 7 entrance test.

Parents will always be made aware of any concerns about their child’s progress or transition to Wolverhampton Grammar School (or any other senior school). This usually happens as early as Year 5 to ensure any possible interventions and strategies aimed at boosting a child’s confidence can be implemented in the year ahead.

If, in consultation with parents, we feel that an automatic place to Wolverhampton Grammar School is not in the best interests of the child then this decision will be made in plenty of time for parents to explore alternative options. However, this is a last resort as Wolverhampton Grammar Junior School is committed to ensuring all children have access to the best education available for their senior years ahead.

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