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Wolverhampton Grammar Junior School also provides specialist learning assistance for those children who may require an individual programme of support.

A number of parents choose Wolverhampton Grammar Junior School (and our Senior School) because of our expertise in helping dyslexic children. All new children to our school are screened for positive indicators of dyslexia, we discuss with parents how we can work together to support your child. Typically this might consist of in-class support and also paired lessons to address phonological problems. Our experience is that early intervention is often the most effective means to achieve success.

Children in Years 5 and 6 with a full educational psychologist’s report are able to access the OpAL programme. This programme continues throughout the senior school and is designed to offer individual support to assist students throughout the years leading to GCSE and A Level.

The vast majority of Junior School children choose to stay with us throughout the rest of their school career making a seamless transfer at the end of Big Six into Year 7 at Senior School. Should we feel concerned about any child’s progress and feel that they may not be working at the level required for entry into Year 7, parents will be informed well in advance of the final year in the junior school.

Pastoral care is a priority for Wolverhampton Grammar Junior School. We are a busy, happy and successful community with children – their learning, development and welfare at the heart of everything we do. All of our teachers get to know the students as individuals and the close bonds and connections that children make with their Forum Tutors stay with them throughout the school.

We also have a dedicated team of specially trained staff and advisors to support any child or parent who needs extra guidance or advice.

Wolverhampton Grammar Junior School is a dyslexia friendly school. All new staff receive training on dyslexia friendly teaching and multi-sensory strategies are evident throughout the school. The school also provides access to OpAL – specialist, dedicated support for students with dyslexia who need a little extra support. Through OpAL, students receive extra guidance and (if required) access to additional one-to-one tuition to support their learning needs.

The OpAL programme is recognised nationally as a unique and powerful example of how able dyslexic students can achieve when given the opportunity of an academic education.

“We give our OpAL students the space and time to come to grips with the subjects that they find challenging. Our students leave the centre happy, confident and not afraid to face their fears.”

Ian Tyler, Director of OpAL

The OpAL philosophy is to enable every dyslexic student to achieve their full potential. The guiding principle of our specialist teaching is personalised tuition and curriculum flexibility.

“OpAL really helped me become the student I am today.”

Elizabeth Mahon, former student

If you are applying to our Junior School and would like to learn more about how OpAL could support your child’s learning at Wolverhampton Grammar Junior School please contact the Admissions Registrar, Mrs Jane Morris telephone: 01902 422939 or email:

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