In an often unequal and unmeritocratic world for women, fiction remains a realm in which discrimination and injustice on the grounds of gender need not prevail. For teenage girls, strong female characters can prove a proud inspiration to confidently forging their true identity. 

Four bestselling authors, Catherine Doyle, Melinda Salisbury, Katherine Webber and Sara Barnard, selected Wolverhampton Grammar School to host a literary discussion on leading ladies in fiction, asking: ‘What makes a girl strong?’. Students from WGS and our visiting schools participated in a lively question and answer session, in which the authors revealed their literary inspirations, their creative writing tips and how literature can help to break down barriers in the real world.

‘The students thoroughly enjoyed meeting four exceptionally talented writers. They all provided expert advice on a range of topics whilst conveying a genuine sense of enjoyment towards their craft. We were delighted to welcome such worthy role models to WGS.’

Catherine Doyle is the author of ‘Vendetta’, ‘Inferno’ and ‘Mafiosa’, comprising the highly acclaimed ‘Blood for Blood’ trilogy; Melinda Salisbury’s first novel ‘The Sin Eater’s Daughter’ was the bestselling UK Young Adult Debut novel of 2015. She has followed this up with ‘The Sleeping Prince’ and ‘The Scarecrow Queen’; Katherine Webber’s debut novel, ‘Wing Jones’, tackles the issues of race, identity and self-confidence in 1990s America, whilst Sara Bernard’s ‘Beautiful Broken Things’ and ‘A Quiet Kind of Thunder’ emphasise the primacy of friendship in helping young people find their place in the world.


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