If you are a Wolverhampton Grammar School student and are collecting AS, A Level or GCSE results you have access to specialist, post-examination advice services at School.

Some students may feel that following receipt of results (AS, A Level or GCSE) that the marks that you have received do not truly reflect your ability, or you may wish to receive copies of your exam papers in order to review where you can make improvements.

The following services are available from exam boards via Wolverhampton Grammar School Post Examination Services team:

  • Access to Scripts: A copy of your exam paper will be obtained and given to you/your
    teacher. It is then your responsibility to review your exam paper to identify gaps in your knowledge. Some exam boards will allow this as a priority service for those whose places at university/a different Sixth Form provider are dependent upon improved grades. You may not receive non-priority scripts until November, as the exam boards do not
    prioritise these requests.
  • Clerical Re-check: An examiner checks your script to ensure all questions have been
    marked and that all marks have been counted.
  • Review of Marking: A Clerical Re-check is performed and a second examiner checks for errors of marking. Please note the second check will only identify marking errors i.e. where a mark has been missed or incorrectly applied. A recount of marks will also be undertaken. Some exam boards will allow this as a priority service for those whose places at university/a different Sixth Form provider are dependent upon improved grades. The results of a Priority re-mark may take up to 18 days whilst results of Non-Priority re-marks may take up to 30 days.

A review of coursework marks cannot be made using this method. If centre moderated marks have
been agreed by the exam board, a review of marking cannot be requested.

Please note:

  • Some services are only available to AS/A2 students and those leaving WGS.
  • Some services provided by exam boards may not be available from others.

Not sure what service applies to you?

Speak to a member of staff on results day or use the flowchart (which is also included in your exam results pack) to help steer you towards the post examination service that is right for you. Please note that some services are only available for AS/A2 students and those leaving the School, whilst certain exam boards only offer some services.

Completing a Post-Results Request

If you wish to proceed with any post-exam services you must do the following:

  • Discuss your decision with a member of teaching staff
  • Duplicate the required form/s: you may photocopy the forms enclosed in your results pack
    download forms from the school website or access the forms via the Firefly Student or Parent Portal
  • Complete only one form per unit/paper request – you must specify which exam paper you wish to have marked. An entire subject request must consist of a separate form for each exam unit taken
  • Ensure you (the candidate) have fully completed and signed the form. We cannot accept requests from parents/guardians as the candidate must sign the form to give permission for the school to act on their behalf. Forms that are incomplete or incorrect will result in a processing delay
  • Put your request/s into an envelope marked WGS Post Exam Services and hand to Main Reception or put it in the Post-Exams box in the Sixth Form Centre Office
  • Make a note of the fee associated with the service you have requested as the exam boards charge varying amounts (see enclosed fees table)

Useful Links:

Important Dates:

  • Thursday 17th August: AS/A Level results issued
  • Tuesday 22nd August, 12pm: Final day to submit AS/A2 Priority Review of Marking and Priority Access to Script requests to WGS
  • Thursday 24th August: GCSE/iGCSE results issued
  • Tuesday 29th August, 12pm: Final day to submit Edexcel iGCSE Priority requests to WGS (open only to leavers of WGS and those whose place in continuing education is dependent on a re-mark)
  • Friday 15th September, 5pm: Final day to submit Clerical Re-Check, Review of Marking, Access to Script requests to WGS
  • Monday 20th November: Date from which exam certificates will be available for collection. Note: if you are awaiting the outcome of post-result requests, issue of your certificates may be delayed.

Post – Results Priority Services Deadline:

Please remember that if you are an AS or A-Level student requiring a Priority Access to Script or Priority Review of Marking Post-Exams service, the deadline to bring these into school with your payment is midday on Tuesday 22nd August. Make sure you refer to the information in your results pack, the school website and the Firefly Student or Parent Portals for further details of upcoming deadlines.

Need more support?

Speak to a member of staff on results day, or contact either Mr Wood or Mrs Preston as soon as possible for advice and guidance:

Mr Wood email:

Mrs Preston email:

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