If statistics are to be believed, a child’s knowledge and use of apps and computer technology often far exceeds an adult’s. 

In light of this, all Wolverhampton Grammar School parents were invited to a Parent Internet Safety Awareness evening at School on Tuesday 9th February 2016.

The evening included discussions around:

  1. How do we communicate our concerns to our children?
  2. Is a technology free zone at certain times advisable/workable?
  3. What are the major pitfalls of social media and how can they be avoided?
  4. What do our youngsters know about the internet that we should?
  5. How is ‘The Dark Net’ accessed and how dangerous is it?

Patrick Flynn, Senior Learning Technologies Consultant at Wolverhampton City Council joined senior staff from the School and presented information about popular apps, how they are used and possible dangers, as well as a panel QandA session.

Download the presentation here.


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