Event: London Reunion 2017
Venue: Merchant Taylors’ Company, London
Date: Tuesday, 27th June 2017
Time: 5.30pm – 9pm
Contact: Gail Evans email: or tel: 01902 421326

Former students and staff of Wolverhampton Grammar School are invited to a London Reunion on Tuesday 27th June 2017 between 5.30-9pm at the Merchant Taylors’ Company in London.

Wolverhampton Grammar School has arranged this evening to give former students of the school an opportunity to reminisce with friends, meet former and current staff, network and hear more about the school as it is today.

Guests are invited to bring along old photographs or any documents of their time at the school. Former students (or Old Wulfrunians as they are affectionately known) from all years will join us during the evening and there will be plenty of time for guests to meet fellow alumni and to share experiences with one another.

The relationship between Wolverhampton Grammar School and the Merchant Taylors’ Company began in 1512 when the school’s founder Sir Stephen Jenyns (Merchant Taylor) made the Company a Trustee of the school. The school still enjoys close links with Merchant Taylors’ who is one of the great twelve livery companies of London.

NB: Please note that not all our guests are listed below and that there are around 117 attendees currently registered for this event.

Anand Aithal (OW 1986)

Nic Anderson (OW1990) Deputy Head Academic

David Bailey (OW 1994)

Kirtan Bains (OW 2000)

Andrew Baker (OW 1985)

Georgina Baker (OW 2011)

David Bamford (OW 2008)

Reuben Banga (OW 1994)

Karan Batth (OW 2012)

Mark Beards (OW 1988)

John Beaumont (OW 1966)

Carrie Bennett, Director of Marketing and Communications

Alexandra Benion (OW 2012)

Neil Bennett (OW 1974)

Rajini Bhagotra (OW 1999)

Benjamin Biddulph (OW 1995)

Michael Blackwell (OW 1998)

Jonathan Bond (OW 1990)

Tej Boparai (OW 1996)

Roger (Arthur) Bould (OW 1950)

Carolyn Browning

Richard Browning (OW 2006)

Tim Browning, Former Geography and PE Teacher

Daniel Cashmore (OW 2002)

Saurav Chaudhuri (OW 1990)

Andrew Clark (OW 1996)

David Cook (OW 1978)

Oliver Craddock (OW 1999)

Kathy Crewe-Read, Head

Ben Dalton (OW 2009)

Jennifer Dhingra (OW 2009)

Martin (Andrew) Duffell (OW 1981)

Richard Dunling (OW 2007)

Bethan Dunne (nee Shakesheff) (OW 2005)

Nicholas Evans (OW 1988)

Gregory Fisher (OW 1991)

Stephen Flavell (OW 1986)

Richard Foster (OW 1994)

Grace Gelder (OW 2001)

Sabrina Gidda (OW 2005)

Ian Gilham (OW 1978)

Katie Guest, Head of Development

Rebecca Haley (nee Dean) (OW 2000)

Brian Hall (OW 1969)

Jamie Harley (OW 1990)

Richard Harris (OW 1987)

Robert Harris (OW 1997)

Daniel Hawthorne (OW 1998)

Martin Hesse (OW 1965)

Graham Hewitt (OW 1952)

Peter Hills, Maths Teacher

Thomas Hingley (OW 2007)

Mark Howard (OW 1980)

Mike Hughes (OW 1963)

Peter Hughes (OW 1986)

Mark Husson (OW 1979)

David Jackson (OW 2008)

Richard Jarrett (OW 1968)

Christina Johnson (OW 2009)

John Johnson, Sports Coach & Chemistry Teacher

Tom Johnson (OW 2002)

Nicholas Jones (OW 1994)

Professor Trevor Jones CBE (OW 1960)

Max Kuttner (OW 2005)

Graham Lewis, Former Maths Teacher & Head of Sixth Form

Christopher Lowe (OW 2004)

Daniel Mackernan (OW 1994)

Felicity Maidment (OW 2011)

Corrado Manzai (OW 2011)

Michael McEwen (OW 2009)

Thomas Meek (OW 2009)

Dominic Millar (OW 1978)

James Mills (OW 1987)

James Nellany (OW 2006)

Richard Newbold (OW 1967)

Mary Niven-Bowling (OW 1999)

Tahera Onac, Former Maths Teacher

Ian Parkes (OW 1990)

Rakesh Patel (OW 2001)

Karl Paulins (OW 1980)

Hannah Perry (OW 2005)

James Poole (OW 1985)

Louise Portman (nee Cross) (OW 1991)

Alex Purchase (OW 2013)

Kevin Rathbone (OW 1991)

Marvin Robinson (OW 1998)

Michael Rogers (OW 1966)

Alan Sambrook (OW 1964)

Megan Shakesheff (OW 2005)

Jonathan Sills (OW 2002)

Kevin Silvester (OW 1977)

Philip Sims, Chair of the Board of Directors

Thomas Smyth (OW 2000)

Richard Stanton (OW 1966)

Michael Stewart (OW 2017)

Rebecca Stewart (nee Griffiths) (OW 2005)

James Stibbs (OW 1994)

Philip Taffley (OW 2006)

Luke Tatton (OW 2011)

Glyn Thomas (OW 1959) Ex-President of the OWA 2015-2017

Alan Tipper (OW 1949)

Alexander Vergopoulos (OW 1990)

Simon Walker (OW 1984)

Katharine Young (OW 2005)

Location: King’s Gallery & Drawing Room, Merchant Taylors’ Company, 30 Threadneedle Street, London EC2R 8JB

Contact: Please RSVP Gail Evans: email: or telephone: 01902 421326 to reserve your place

Comments ( 2 )
  1. Sir Michael Griffiths

    As it finishes at 9.00, I assume there is no food provided?

    • lvasey

      Dear Michael, thanks for the question. Drinks and bar snacks will be available but unfortunately we will not be serving dinner. We hope you can join us and invitations will be in the post shortly. Best wishes, Wolverhampton Grammar School

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