Black Country Geographical Association welcome the public, A Level and GCSE students and their teachers to attend a Guest Lecture by Professor Fiona Tweed.

The hazards presented by earthquakes and volcanic activity are constant reminders of plate tectonic processes. The impacts of such hazards are hugely varied and dependent on complex environmental, social and cultural phenomena. New Zealand and Iceland are spectacular and dynamic geological showcases, providing us with a fantastic opportunity to examine volcanism and seismic hazards.

Connecting Curious Minds

This talk will identify earthquake and volcanic hazards in both countries, explain some of the impacts that these hazards can have and highlight a variety of challenges associated with managing risks. Over the last decade, volcanic eruptions in Iceland have highlighted the trans-boundary nature of hazards from ice-volcano interactions and emphasised their impacts, locally, nationally and internationally. In the same time period, New Zealand has experienced significant earthquakes with a range of consequences. We will explore what it means to be ‘living with tectonic hazards’ in both settings.

We look forward to welcoming Professor Fiona Tweed to Wolverhampton Grammar School. Her lectures are always intelligently constructed, informative and visually stunning.

Venue: Wolverhampton Grammar School, Big School.

Entry: £1 per person (payable on the door).

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