We have now upgraded to the latest version of Firefly. Parents will still be able to use Firefly to access the Parent Portal and students will still use it to access the timetable, homework tasks and lots of useful information about subjects and school.

When you log in to the Firefly Parent or Student Portal you will notice that Firefly will look very slightly different. Everything you are used to seeing is still there, but the navigation and menus will be much clearer. You will have links to the Dashboard (your homepage), Your Child (where you will find your child’s homework, timetable and reports etc) and Resources (where there is lots of useful information).

Your child may also use the Firefly Student Planner App on their phone or tablet at home. If they do, can you please remind them to download the newest version of the App over half term.


  1. Go to the Apps Store
  2. Search for Firefly for students
  3. Install the latest version of “Firefly for Students” and use the code wgs when prompted.

Teachers will start using the new version of Firefly after half term as well and you’ll start to see some new improvements, particularly in the way homework tasks are set.

Students will receive more information at Assembly during the first week back after half term. Don’t worry if you (or your child) are having any problems using the new version of Firefly, simply contact the School’s IT team (email

Not accessed the Parent Portal yet?

The Parent Portal provides instant access to an electronic copy of your child’s reports. This is just one of many advantages to using the Parent Portal; others include access to homework, timetable, information about school and contact details for teachers etc. Download the guide to logging in to the Parent Portal for the first time.

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