Theology and Philosophy

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A Level (Philosophy of Religion and Ethics) and IGCSE (Religious Studies)

Introduction to the Theology and Philosophy department

The department of Theology and Philosophy at Wolverhampton Grammar School gives students the opportunity to consider the big questions that underpin life in the 21st Century. Students explore how the world has been shaped by a variety of different world views and beliefs and confidence grows as they begin to develop skills of analysis and evaluation, enabling them to express their own views clearly and confidently.

A particular strength of the department is its ability to ensure all students have the opportunity to study the world’s major religions in a variety of ways appropriate to their age.

Students are also made familiar with reasoning skills and the kind of higher order thinking that is essential at all levels of academic study. For example, technical language regarding the nature of God is introduced in Year 7 and applied in practice to the beliefs on specific religions. This basic grounding is built on in Year 9 to examine the use of metaphors in religious language and some of the classic arguments for, and against, the existence of God.

We teach Religious Studies to give all students the opportunity to:

  • acquire and develop knowledge and understanding of religious beliefs and practices, with particular reference to Christianity and the other principal religions represented in Great Britain
  • develop an understanding of the influence of beliefs, values and traditions on individuals, societies and culture
  • develop an appreciation of the religious and cultural diversity of contemporary society and of how such diversity enriches national life
  • appreciate the immense influence of religion and the part that it has played, and continues to play in many people’s lives, both personally and nationally
  • develop the ability to make reasoned and informed judgements about religious and moral issues
  • develop the ability to consider sensitively, and respect the beliefs of others.
  • develop an informed, critical insight into their own beliefs
  • explore the spiritual dimension of religious experience and reflect upon their own inner feelings, questions, thoughts and experiences
  • develop a range of higher thinking skills that is applicable to a variety of academic disciplines and situations.

The department is committed to, and expects students to adopt, an academic and analytical approach to religious beliefs, philosophy and ethics from whatever religious or cultural standpoint they themselves come from. Religious Studies also gives students the opportunity to critically explore intellectually stimulating areas that mirror their own lives. The subject at all levels requires students to personally interact with the issues raised and as a result develop valuable philosophical and analytical skills that can be used in other areas of study and beyond.

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