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Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in Sport and Physical Activity (Physical Education, PE)

Introduction to the PE and Sport department

Physical Education at Wolverhampton Grammar School is designed to be completely inclusive. Sport has a proud and long tradition at our school and the aim of the Physical Education Department is to ensure that all students – no matter what their ability get the opportunity to experience and learn about a wide range of sports and activities.

There are plenty of opportunities for students to represent the school in sport and high girls’ participation in particular is something that we are incredibly proud of. Whatever, your level of ability or fitness there really is something for you. Sports include everything from football, cricket, rugby, tennis, netball, hockey, badminton, rounders to Fives (a traditional independent school sport), Fencing, Squash and Climbing (using our purpose built climbing wall). With fixtures both local and regional; midweek and on Saturdays.

Our 23 acres site includes pitches, an all weather astro turf, dedicated Sports Centre with courts, nets and a fitness gym and a sport pavilion offering panoramic views across our sports fields.

The department is supported by staff from across the school who offer extra-curricular sport activities in addition to their academic disciplines. The department also includes dedicated PE and Sport experts (many of whom have competed at regional or national level), they include:

  • Alison Causebrook (Head of Girls’ PE and Games)
  • Nigel Crust (Head of Boys’ PE and Games)
  • Steve Clancy
  • Kathy Dyer
  • Katie Gilchrist
  • John Johnson
  • Theo King
  • Simon Palmer
  • Claire Ray

The PE curriculum covers everything from technique, health and fitness, team work, timing, agility, dance, movement and communications skills, racket skills, umpiring and rules of play across a range of sports including basketball, badminton, fives, table tennis, squash, volleyball, aerobics, yoga and pilates, short tennis, athletics and gymnastics.

Physical Education (PE) is the first step on the ladder to becoming an accredited Sports Scientist, Coach or Teacher.

It is a challenging course which stretches and engages students in a variety of topics including anatomy, skill acquisition and aspects of the social and historical context of the subject. This subject demands the application of both theory and practice.

The Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in Sport and Physical Activity lends itself well to many university degree courses and careers including Physiotherapy, Teaching, Sports Management, Coaching and Personal Training, Nutritionist, Sports Equipment & Clothing Design and many more. It has a natural and close fit with subjects like Biology and Psychology.

Studying PE provides the foundation for entrance into a wide variety of Higher Education courses and careers. If you enjoy being active and understanding the psychology as well as physical aspects of sport and physical exercise then this subject is for you.


Unit 1 Body systems and the effects of physical activity

  • 1 hour 30 minutes written paper
  • 70 marks

Unit 3 Sports Organisation and development

  • 1 hour written paper
  • 60 marks

All remaining units are assessed internally and then externally moderated.

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