Modern Languages

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A Level (French, German, Italian) and IGCSE (French, German, Italian)

Introduction to the Modern Languages department

Modern Languages at Wolverhampton Grammar School includes the study of French, German and Italian.

Languages is a very popular subject and we are proud of our reputation as a school that has a long tradition developing exceptional language skills with students who go on to confidently converse and compete with their continental counterparts.

That provision of German, French and Italian continues to grow alongside the availability of annual exchange trips (which many other independent and state schools can no longer support).

The friendly, welcoming atmosphere provided by teachers (several of whom are native speakers), dedicated language classrooms and Language Lab, coupled with our approach to teaching (students and teachers often converse in their chosen language both inside and outside the classroom) produce consistently high and exceptional public exam results.

Languages have always been a popular subject choice at school. The department has a history of organising successful exchange trips- the French Exchange has been running for over 25 years and they remain a highlight for many students during their time with us. Trips include an annual Rhine Valley trip and German, French and Italian Homestay exchange visits. The department also engages with academic and language departments a little closer to home, having established a link with Aston University.

In addition to traditional international exchange partnerships with other schools, the department also arranges for French students to undertake active work experience in France. French businesses in our exchange town of Savenay invite our older students in for a week, providing a unique and exceptional introduction to using the language in informal, conversational and formal situations.

A range of extra-curricular clubs and societies available to students across the school ensures confidence in languages is nurtured throughout the school.

Staff introduce languages to children from Junior School age and that love of language, culture and a different way of life stays with students right through to the Sixth Form.

Several of our students go on to study one or more language at university degree level.

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