History and Politics

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A Level (Government and Politics, History) and IGCSE (History)

Introduction to History and Politics

The History and Politics Department at Wolverhampton Grammar School provides challenging academic discourse for students throughout the school.

The combination of teachers with interests across history and politics ensures lively debate and discussion in all classes. The department also supports a number of extra-curricular activities including War Room, History Society and Political Forum, and regular visits to sites of historical interest, from the local Black Country Museum to our annual WWI Battlefields trip to France.

As students progress through the KS3 and IGCSE curriculum, they explore a number of areas including the Middle Ages, Tudors and Stuarts, the Italian Renaissance, the industrial revolution, World War I and II, and Nazi Germany. A level history includes Tudor England and Communist Russia, with politics students exploring people and politics, governing the UK, British political issues and governing the USA.

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