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A Level (English Language, English Literature) and IGCSE (English Language, English Literature)

Introduction to the English Department

Are you interested in why certain people speak like they do? Have you ever noticed how men and women  speak differently? Do you know what makes a good  communicator? Are you sure you know your nouns from  your verbs and if you hate being told what to think, enjoy winning arguments and reading then the work of this Department is for you.

English complements all other subjects. Its analytical nature means it would also suit students
who are more scientifically minded and are interested in the fundamentals of language that we use everyday.

The English Department is located in the Merridale Building at  Wolverhampton Grammar School. The department also utilises the Hutton Theatre and the Jenyns and Sixth Form Libraries.

The department believes in challenge by deliberately choosing specifications that offer our students the maximum scope to cover as wide a range of material as possible. This enables students to study modern texts in tandem with the classics.

The department encourages all students to gain belief in the power of words and literature, imagination and creativity, that a keen mind and a strong grasp of language is empowering. Students are developed to appreciate the importance of academic rigour and a belief in the question, why?

The department provides the skills and opportunity for students to:

  • Learn to read perceptively and with acuity.
  • Learn to write fluently, accurately, succinctly and with purpose.
  • Learn to speak confidently, fluently, and with purpose.
  • Learn to listen thoughtfully, attentively and critically.
  • Learn to understand the centrality of text – in word or image, literary and non-literary.
  • Learn to understand the ways in which text works

As students progress through the curriculum they are introduced to a wide range of traditional and modern literature, poetry, and drama. They learn research techniques, analysis of the written and spoken language, and in sixth form language teaching includes such topics as child language acquisition and the language of power, gender and identity.

Literature covers a wide range of novels, poetry and drama as well as coursework. We aim to ensure that new texts and authors are part of the curriculum as well as the traditional canon.

Students also undertake several theatre trips and visits as well as academic lectures. The department also supports the production of plays throughout the school, including a main school play and other productions throughout the year.

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