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A Level (Biology) and IGCSE (Biology, Science Double Award)

Introduction to the Biology department

Students study Biology at Wolverhampton Grammar School using a context-based approach. Ideas are introduced within relevant settings to help bring the subject to life. Our aim is to develop your interest and enthusiasm for the subject to inspire you to consider further study or related careers such as biomedical science and medicine etc.

Biology is one of the STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects and is highly regarded by universities and employers alike.

Biology is also very much a practical subject at Wolverhampton Grammar  School and purpose built laboratories, dedicated Technician staff along with expert teachers will ensure you have all the facilities and expertise  required to make the most of this challenging subject.

Three large laboratory classrooms and a dedicated prep room provide access to a real sized human body model, model organs, microscopes,  slides of tissues, preserved specimens, a human skeleton and other animal  bones as well as practical equipment for microbiology, choice chambers, dissection and much loved animals including a Royal Python called Monty, an assortment of spiders, crickets and assassin bugs and a Bearded Dragon called Camilla.

Full time teachers and a full time technician provide dedicated teaching and support utilising three laboratories and a prep room.

The Department aims to develop curious minds and an interest in laboratory work from Year 7. However, younger children from the Junior School are also involved in extra-curricular activities with the department.

As students progress through to GCSE they develop knowledge and further understanding of Biology. This coupled with the Department’s skill in developing further enthusiasm for the subject ensures that the key skills are critical and scientific evidence are applied in a practical way.

Progression to A Level opens up the pathway to further study or careers in biology and science related disciplines including Biomedical Science, medical courses or other biological sciences.

The Department undertakes a number of trips and visits with students including visiting specialists in the medical field in Hospitals and Clinics etc.

Many former students have gone on to study Medicine and other related disciplines and are now practicing GPs, Clinicians, Surgeons, Dentists or Research Scientists.

Students can study single sciences ie biology, chemistry and physics at GCSE or the Science Double Award, which counts as two GCSEs.

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