Assisted Learning


The support that your child receives at Wolverhampton Grammar School will be different to anything your child has experienced before. All students have access to a school experience that is tailored to their individual needs.

Our school has long been famous for approachability and the human dimension that we bring to teaching and learning. All student opinions are valued. This is because we know that our school thrives on the relationships between teachers and students. Small class sizes ensure subject tutors know each and every child, whilst Form Tutors and Heads of Year work with our dedicated team of specially trained staff and advisors to support any student or parent who needs extra guidance or advice.

Our students are also there for each other. The Head Boy and Girl lead a team of Prefects who ensure all students are supported and encouraged to get the most out of school life. A Student Parliament also enables the views of all students to be represented, listened to and most importantly taken forward.


Pastoral care is a priority for Wolverhampton Grammar School. We are a busy, happy and successful community with young people – their learning, development and welfare at the heart of everything we do.

All of our teachers get to know the students as individuals and are there to offer guidance and support when it’s needed.

A Deputy Head with direct responsibility for Pastoral Care also overseas the care and support offered to all students across our school and together with our team of specially trained staff and advisors (including a school counselling service) all students and parents can be assured that every child in our care is fully supported when they need it most.

Wolverhampton Grammar School is a dyslexia friendly school. All new staff receive training on dyslexia friendly teaching and multi-sensory strategies are evident throughout the school.

The school also provides access to OpAL – our specialist, dedicated support programme for students with dyslexia who need a little extra support. Through OpAL, students receive small group or one-to-one tuition to support their learning needs.

The OpAL programme is recognised nationally as a unique and powerful example of how able dyslexic students can achieve when given the opportunity of an academic education.


“OpAL really helped me become the student that I am today”

Elizabeth Mahon, former student


The OpAL philosophy is to enable dyslexic students to achieve their full potential. The guiding principle of our specialist teaching is personalised tuition and curriculum flexibility.


“My son has grown up celebrating and fully accepting his dyslexia. This perhaps, is his and OpAL’s greatest achievement.”



Where appropriate, teaching staff differentiate their curriculum to support dyslexic students and all OpAL students receive extra time in test and exam situations.

Action Plans for each student are provided to each of their teachers detailing their individual learning profile and suggestions for suitable teaching activities. OpAL staff also support students in some lessons, as required and close links with teaching staff enable effective communication and support for OpAL students. We record student progress in class through half-termly monitoring sheets and each student has a lead teacher within the OpAL department who oversees their progress and liaises with parents throughout the year.

OpAL students consistently perform well in GCSE and A Level public examinations.

If you are applying to our school and would like to learn more about how OpAL could support your child’s learning at Wolverhampton Grammar School, please contact the Admissions Registrar, Mrs Jane Morris telephone: 01902 422939 or email:

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