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The experiences you have at school, and the friendships you make will last a lifetime. Being a member of our alumni community (known as Old Wulfrunians) ensures the benefits of studying at a top independent school extend way beyond your school years with us.

Our students go on to achieve great things and we have a growing worldwide alumni community of thousands in over 30 countries. There’s a whole range of ways for you to stay in touch with us and with each other.

  • The Old Wulfrunians Association
  • Send in your news to Gail Evans
  • Let us know about a change to your contact details
  • Complete one of our alumni profiles so that we can share your story
  • Receive our alumni publication (the Wulfrunian) and regular email updates from the school
  • Come along to one of our open school or alumni events
  • Join our official alumni group on the networking website Facebook. Search for Old Wulfrunians of WGS on Facebook (or follow Wolverhampton Grammar School Official) or stay engaged on Twitter @WGS1512

The strong sense of community fostered at Wolverhampton Grammar School means that many of our alumni also choose to give something back by providing practical support and advice to current students or with a donation or legacy. If you would like to find out how you can offer support visit our Careers and Network pages to learn more.

Did you go to Wolverhampton Grammar School? We want to hear from you, contact Gail Evans email: or telephone: 01902 421326 or use the online form here to join our mailing list to make sure you don’t miss out.

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For a school with over 500 years of history we have an alumni family located in every corner of the world and representing pretty much every industry and sector.

It’s really important that you keep us up to date with your whereabouts and contact details to make sure you are getting the most of your relationship with us, and each other.

One way to keep in touch is to complete an alumni profile. Simply download the form and return it to Gail Evans, email Don’t forget to send us a picture too!

A number of Old Wulfrunians have already sent us their profiles, you can learn more about them here:

Old Wulfrunians in America Inc. was established to provide a forum for US based OWs. Our US former students also explore ways of supporting the school to ensure it can continue to meet the needs of students now, as it did when they were in attendance.

Specifically the aims and objectives of Old Wulfrunians in America are as follows:

  • To strengthen the network of our alumni in the USA for professional, academic, career and social purposes
  • Develop active chapters of OWs in the US across the country. Chapter representatives in each of these regions will serve as local contacts and strengthen the OWs in the USA network for alumni and prospective students, organising social and other events for alumni and friends in their areas.
  • Support our school’s development efforts throughout the US with special events and chapter related activities.

Membership of OWs in the USA is open to all former students who are based in the USA and as the group develops we hope it will offer some of the following:

  • Invitations to local chapter events, as / where arranged
  • Subscription to OWs in the USA e-newsletters
  • Inclusion in, and access to, OWs IN THE USA online Membership Directory

Robin Cooper is the President of the Old Wulfrunians In America charity. It is through his dedication, drive and great generosity that Wolverhampton Grammar School is now able to fundraise effectively in the USA. Working alongside Robin is Mr Nigel Blower who is the Secretary of the charity.

Charitable Status

The charity was set up as an exempt charitable organisation under Section (501) (3) of American charity law in order to provide an effective vehicle for supporters to donate to the charity. The benefits to supporters of giving to a (501) (3) organisation are:

  • American taxpayers who give to a US 501(c)(3) get a tax benefit for giving called a tax-deduction.
  • A tax deduction is significant to an American. First of all, the deduction is practically automatic. Secondly, it is a benefit to the donor.
  • 501(c)(3) is a section of the US Internal Revenue Code. It means that an organisation is exempt from tax on the donations it receives and donations to it are tax-deductible to the donor.
  • Tax-effective giving (the tax deduction) is a powerful part of US giving – without a tax deduction, a charity stands little chance of receiving anything other than the smallest of gifts.
  • Americans cannot get tax deductions for giving directly to a non-US organisation. They can, however, give to a 501(c)(3) organisations which uses the money to support a non- US organisation. The 501(c)(3) to which the donor makes a donation may be one which supports a number of charities or one which supports only a very few charities.
  • This is the position for individuals and for US companies without a Company Foundation if they want to give out of US-taxed profits.
Aims & Objectives of OWs in the USA

As an exempt charitable organisation under Section (501) (3) the mission statement of Old Wulfrunians in America is as follows: The primary object of the Organisation is to improve education. Old Wulfrunians are people of any nationality who have attended Wolverhampton Grammar School in England. They are interested in making an impact on the education of children where they live as well as supporting the activities, as they relate to the education of children, of the school that they attended.

Giving your support to OWs in the USA

Wolverhampton Grammar School has benefited from the generosity of many benefactors over the years. To learn more about the OWs in the USA or how you can support the School in other ways, contact Gail Evans email: or telephone: +44 (0)1902 421326

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