Jonathan Wood 1994 – 2001

Jonathan Wood was a student at Wolverhampton Grammar School between 1994 and 2001.


Jonathan returned to the fold and has been teaching at WGS since 2007. He teaches in the OpAL Department, as well as English and Theatre Studies. His other roles include being a Lower School form tutor and the school Exams Officer.

How did you get started in teaching?
Ever since I was small I had always felt I would become a teacher. After leaving university and experiencing the wider world of work in retail and administration, the jobs were pretty monotonous and I felt like I wasn’t making good use of all of my skills. My first role in teaching was as a permanent cover teacher at a school in Walsall. Following that I worked with students with a variety of learning needs at Stourbridge College and realised I really enjoyed supporting students who had not necessarily always had the most positive of experiences of education; this lead me to become the pastoral tutor for the college’s 14-16 group of students.

Where is the most unusual place your career has taken you?
Some may say returning to your old secondary school to work alongside people who taught you would be unusual! I, however, feel my desire to teach at WGS says a great deal about the positive effect the school had on me as it has fostered my desire to ensure future generations have as positive an experience of education as I did as a student.

What has been your career highlight to date?
Choosing one highlight is difficult. One must certainly be directing theatrical productions at WGS as it gives me an opportunity to indulge the practical and creative side of my personality. Another (and a complete contrast to working as a director) would be my exams role – it’s hugely varied and allows me to get to know a large number of students whilst supporting them through times that can potentially be quite stressful for them.

Three words that best describe your experience at WGS?
Exciting. Creative. Invaluable.

Did you have a favourite teacher?
It would be unfair of me to single out any individual as so many had a positive impact on my time at WGS as a student in such a variety of ways.

What is next for you?
At the moment I am enjoying the pastoral and academic management aspects of my job with my form group and my exams role; I hope, in the future, to continue to focus my efforts in helping students to get the most out of their time in education.

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